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Bye Bye Gordon!

Welcome to the new JDEdward website - home of creative thinking on the net!
Yes welcome to the new look JDEdward for 2008. Yes - back in blue and bringing you all the stuff you wanted just like you wanted it! This is the fourth incarnation of JDEdward online since 2000. We kept the best bits of the logo and the colour scheme but everything else has been re-designed and re-coded just for you!!
BBC3 Blobs
The BBC Three Blobs in action!
Yes it may have come to your attention but it looks like we may be seeing the last of teh BBC Blobs! I for one am sad to see them go. To be honest I never had much of an attachment to them to begin with. Party becasue at that time we didn't have digital telly and secondly they always seemed a bit weird.

I know that BBC Three are currently showing sad little clips of the blobs saying good-bye but I want to say good bye to them in my own way. So the first JDEdward site theme is going to be the BBC Three blobs - something that pink pipes just will not replace. They may be a bit strange but they were funny and original. Farewell little friends...
We are pleased to announce the creation of Flexical who will look after the more commercial aspects of JDEdward. This means that this site can be dedicated to ideas and the creativity it was born for!

Lots and lots and lots of things will be coming soon. There will be a new blog section replacing the "personal" section of the site which was under-used before. The business site will show ideas in progress. The whole site will be made a lot more personal - yay!
New blog and news section coming soon - excited? We are. If you just can't wait you can see the work in progress by hitting the link above!
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